Vulnerability in creativity

Creating from a place of vulnerability and raw emotions gives your creative endeavor the main ingredient of connecting with yourself and the ones exposed to your work. Vulnerability is strength and courage, particularly in the creative process, because that’s where we store the hard lessons of life, our failures and mistakes from which we can learn to improve; it is the most fragile part of ourselves and yet it holds the answers to the difficulties we keep running into over and over again for which we think there is no solution.

About Diana Pitaru

I created this blog to offer support and insight to those struggling with depression and its' minions. I am passionate about psychology, philosophy, art, and culture. I live in Denver, Colorado and am a psychotherapist and artist passionate about helping and supporting this growing number of people. These articles however, are not to be used as a substitute for therapy. That is a different matter. Thank you for stopping by, stick around, and share these resources with others who might need some support as well. You never know who might be suffering in silence.  If you are interested in learning more about my private practice in Denver, go to: View all posts by Diana Pitaru


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