A random thought on dealing with emotions

We respond well to emotions, particularly if they’re not ours. We enjoy watching movies, reading books, and listening to music because in them, we can find a familiarity that is removed from the personal. We use escapism when we convince ourselves that it’s easier and more doable to empathize with ourselves if we witness those emotions experienced by other people first.

We are entranced by emotions yet we find it hard to be comfortable with our own feelings. It simply feels easier to relate through watching others; this way, we feel as though we don’t have to deal with them on our own.

Suppressing and repressing emotions.

In a way, it’s like cheating except that in the end, we only cheat ourselves and, consciously or not, we know it.

About Diana Pitaru

I created this blog to offer support and insight to those struggling with depression and its' minions. I am passionate about psychology, philosophy, art, and culture. I live in Denver, Colorado and am a psychotherapist and artist passionate about helping and supporting this growing number of people. These articles however, are not to be used as a substitute for therapy. That is a different matter. Thank you for stopping by, stick around, and share these resources with others who might need some support as well. You never know who might be suffering in silence.  If you are interested in learning more about my private practice in Denver, go to: www.therapistdiana.com View all posts by Diana Pitaru

2 responses to “A random thought on dealing with emotions

  • disconcerted72

    I’m a classic avoider. I often convince myself I’m not experiencing an emotion, because that is “weak”, but the reality is that I out off the inevitable…experiencing the emotion is important, I think, because it allows us a chance to overcome the adversity we face.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.



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