A late introduction, late at night

I often get really excited and impulsive when coming up with a new idea or project. I will be honest, I have tried in the past to have a blog, determined that I would write at least once a week. It didn’t work out. I had no direction in the past and to be frank (I know, i’m actually Diana) I didn’t really know what to focus on. Now, I have a mission and one I care deeply about: depression and mental health. Yes I’m a shrink so the interest comes with the territory, but it’s not just that.

I get depression and how debilitating and painful it is. I know a lot about depression as I’ve been around it for quite a while; I struggled with it for a long time in childhood. Family members, friends, people I see in my practice. I know its’ many faces and the different shapes it takes to deceive you and hurt you. I know about the fear, isolation and the loneliness, the emptiness, anxiety and the deep darkness that comes with it. Because I know so much, I want to help those struggling with depression and all it’s little minions, and to offer my support and knowledge. You might find some relief simply knowing that you are not the only one who feels this way and you are not alone. You might find some ideas to try new things and maybe this could be an opportunity for you to speak out about your experience when something rings true to you. I’m here to help, not as a therapist but as an ally and a friend, as someone who gets it. And if at times you might have questions about things you’d like to know more about, just ask. I’ll be here to help you get the answers you are looking for.

About Diana Pitaru

I created this blog to offer support and insight to those struggling with depression and its' minions. I am passionate about psychology, philosophy, art, and culture. I live in Denver, Colorado and am a psychotherapist and artist passionate about helping and supporting this growing number of people. These articles however, are not to be used as a substitute for therapy. That is a different matter. Thank you for stopping by, stick around, and share these resources with others who might need some support as well. You never know who might be suffering in silence.  If you are interested in learning more about my private practice in Denver, go to: www.therapistdiana.com View all posts by Diana Pitaru

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